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Paint Work Detailing & Correction

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Cornwall's #1 Vehicle Detailing & Paint Work Correction

Paint work detailing & correction is our top of the range service. This 3 stage service is broken down to give a complete paintwork correction to your vehicle. Using a clay bar against your paint will remove contaminants such as: Tar, tree sap, industrial fall out & existing polish and wax from vehicles paintwork, this restores a glassy smooth surface ready for paint correction or application of a wax. A machine polisher is then used to remove defects such as: Swirl marks, light scratches & flattened paint, carnauba wax is then applied to the vehicle giving a long lasting (up to 6months) protection to the paintwork.

 Stage 1

  • Washed & Cleaned using two bucket method & fine lambs wool wash mitton
  • All door shuts, boot shut & Alloys cleaned throughly 
  • Engine bay DE-greased, steamed & protection 
  • All Interior Cleaned, upholstery , headlining and carpets all cleaned throughly removing any stains marks  
  • Leather cleaner applied followed up with leather protection to ensure all natural oils are drawn back into the leather
  • Upholstery protection is applied to give carpets, Cloth seats & headlining protection from further staining

Stage 2

  • Detailing clay used across the paintwork to remove any contaminants, tar spots, iron spots or flies mess
  • 2 Grades of compound is then used on a dual rotary machine polisher to remove light scratches swirls marks bringing fine gloss finish 
  • Liquid hard wax is applied then taken off using a soft pad
  • Metal polish applied to all chrome inc exhaust tail pipes

Stage 3

  • Carnuba wax is then applied to paintwork & shuts and left for 20 minutes before taken off
  • Alloy protection seal is applied to all wheels inside & out to give them full protection from corrosion and brake dust
  • RIMWAX will be applied to all split rim or chrome finished wheels to give them mirror polished finish

Price From - 180 - 250

(dependent on size of vehicle)

Auto Glym
All products are prepared and used safely by our AutoGlym trained technicians

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