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Perfect solution to removing odour

We offer a perfect solution to odour removal, which can banish common odours such: Dog smell, food spillages & tobacco smoke etc. The benefits of iShine odour removal include:

  • Permanently removes and re-odourisers stale odours such as those produced by pets or smoke.
  • Increase re-sale of vehicle.
  • Affordable, long lasting solution.

Using a deep cleansing fogger machine will reach the places you cannot see and kill the main source of the odour. Our fog machine uses over 32 natural essential oils, designed to chemically neutralise and permanently eliminate odours in the entire interior cabin, including places we cannot see such as: air vents, underneath car seats and deep into porous surfaces and everywhere that odours linger. Once the odour is removed, we then use a re-odouriser which will neutralise and leave the are odour free once again. 

A selection of fragrance cartridges are available in Lemon, orchard, vanilla & leather, these fragrances have been designed to refresh the vehicles interior. 


Alternatives ?

 Other alternatives to odour removal:

  • House hold products - These air fresheners are designed to be a house hold item, not used to mask odours in vehicles. The problems you will find with common fresheners are that they will not penetrate into the porous surface and remove or neutralise bacteria. They can also stain and damage interior trims.
  • Air fresher's/Magic tree's - These are cheap freshners designed to mask odours and offer a no odour removal benifit and have a very short life.
  • O-Zone Fogging - This can damage interior plastics, leathers and fabrics with its toxic output, also creating a danger for the operator of the vehicle.

Odour Removal Removal Prices

Small Vehicles   40.00 (2 hour treatment)
Large Vehicles   50.00 (3 hour treatment)
Motor Homes/Caravans   65.00 (4 hour treatment)

(All prices include re-odourise fragrance of your choice)

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